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Multiple programs statewide, live in Maryland and Indiana, awarded in Wyoming and Oregon

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Fast to Outcomes, with Certainty

Fully functional, data driven, and accelerated implementation timelines.

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Lowest cost to Maintain and Improve

Our SaaS model allows to be continuously modern, sharing cost across all our clients

Child, Juvenile & Adult Management System (CJAMS) on the MD THINK platform partnered with Maryland Department of Human Services (MD DHS) to implement a modern Child, Juvenile & Adult Management System (CJAMS) on the MD THINK platform, a secure cloud-based technology platform for human services programs.

Mike Piercy, Director, Washington County Department of Social Services

“The greatest game changer for Washington county community from CJAMS is the ability to modernize & mobilize my workforce to meet the needs of children and families”

We are all about improving the Outcomes, fast

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Increase permanency
for children in foster care

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Reduce multiple foster care

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Drive higher child support
collection rate

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Faster eligibility determination
and care delivery

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Expedite quality health care access
for vulnerable population

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Enable improved provider matching
and care for at risk seniors

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Support rapid rehabilitation and
integration of youth into community

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Increase upskilling
and employment rate

Our solutions are

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Purpose-Built, Citizen 360

Fully functional, not an accelerator, Common Citizen services data model across programs & agencies, easier path to holistic Citizen & family outcomes

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Configurable & Flexible

Easier & faster to change, supports unlimited variations across jurisdictions, programs, population segments, worker personas, policy lifecycle

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Redbird AI & SaaS

Leverages Machine Learning & Deep Learning to drive personalization & outcome Continuously modern and fully supported

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Intuitive User Experience

Customer and worker feedback incorporated, conversational and AI enabled automation, recommendations & nudges

The software — built with configurable modules, cloud-based tech, a powerful AI assistant, and an intuitive interface — makes all stakeholders successful


Find it easy to use — no endless training, no ongoing frustration, no wondering what to do next

Policy Leaders

Meet their goals faster — because the tech accelerates outcomes instead of getting in the way


Experience better outcomes — because the AI-assisted case management gives faster, smarter results.

CIOs and tech leaders

Find it easy to implement — no heavy customization, no missed timelines, no complex requirements

System integrators

Prefer it — because they get the control of a custom solution with the support of a SaaS product

Easy-to-use tech is implemented in months, not years

Government workers become more efficient and effective

Families and children get better social outcomes,faster

Policy leaders can execute and achieve promised goals in months, not years

We have earned our Champions

Subi Muniasamy, Executive Director

MD THINK State of Maryland

"State of MD leveraged Cardinality to deliver MDTHINK which is by far one of the most comprehensive, modern & cost effective welfare modernization program in recent times. Cardinality solution is modular, low code, interoperable, AI Based HHS platform that would enable Marylanders to experience the most advanced digital human service experience in USA"

Troy Barnes, Director of IT

Indiana DCS

"Indiana's approach is to include platforms that best serve the state's needs cardinality's solutions provide scalablity ,configurablity, strong system-wide security,and seamless integration. This makes cardinality an integral part of indiana's CCWIS ecosystem"

Mohini Venkatesh, Team Lead

Save the Children

"Cardinality has been a trustworthy & competent technology partner for Waliku , a mobile & Web-based application for absenteeism & Well-being management at schools .The team was invaluable in getting the product to the schools as their co-founders believed in Save the children's mission of ensuring all children attend schools"

Michael Pryor, CIO

Maryland Department of Juvenile Services

"DJS was looking to modernize and simplify our IT landscape. We were able to eliminate 10 separate applications by incorporating their full functionality into this system [CJAMS].Additionally ,We benefited greatly from enhanced KPI tracking that provided real time feedback on how our case management workforce was performing"

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