Cardinality came to be when serial entrepreneurs and data specialists, who had helped Fortune 50 companies use data to personalize, target, and nudge American households into purchases, at a large scale for profit, switched sides and asked the right questions.

How can the same data and technology be used for social impact? How to make government agencies and spending more effective? What if American policy leaders were given access to Modern technology, without the pain of failures and prolonged mult-year implementations of custom applications? How can all the stakeholders, Elected officials, Policy leaders, Govt workers, Citizens and families and Service providers, get more done - Better, Faster, and Cheaper?

The US Government spends over USD 1.3 trillion annually under their HHS and Workforce budget. With the right approach, more can be done to enable the government to be effective. was founded in 2017 to improve the lives of 330M+ Americans, by being part of the solution, using data, modern technology and AI for good. In 2022 and beyond we aspire to scale and positively impact a Billion lives.

Our Leadership Team

  • Thiag Loganathan

    Co-founder, CEO

  • Ganesh RVR

    Co-founder, Innovation

  • Kevin L. Jones, Jr

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Peter Allen

    Chief Growth Officer

  • Anna Harper

    Chief Administrative Officer

  • Vijay Krishna V

    Co-founder, Technology

  • Andrew Fullmer

    Chief FInancial Officer

  • Ravi Nithyanandham

    SVP, Payments Solutions & Market Development

  • Cyndi McAtee

    SVP, Strategic Partnerships & Programs

  • Fran Goerlich

    VP, Claims & Payments

  • Chris Hollis

    VP, Business Development

  • Erin Yeazell

    VP, Customer Success

  • Ritu Raj

    VP, Redbird AI

  • Sureshkumar Rajendran

    VP, Business solutions

  • Kirubaharan

    VP, Engineering

  • Venkatesh Ramasamy

    VP, Planning & Implementation

  • Amber Njau

    Director, PMO

  • Premkumar Ramachandran

    VP, Products

Advisory Board

  • Greg J. Baroni

    Chairman & CEO, Attain Partners

    Board Director,
  • Sam Malhotra

    CEO, Subsystem Technologies, Inc.

    (Ex-Chief of Staff to Gov Hogan, Maryland)

  • Adam McNair

    COO, Highlight Technologies

    (Seasoned Federal Govt Executive)

  • Gagan Singh

    SVP, Chief Information Officer, Ascension

    (Tech & Data Leader, Healthcare)

  • Cayteno (Tony) Thornton

    CEO, Just One Technology, LLC

    (Ex-CIO - Navy, Defense Health Agency, Military Health Systems)

  • John Bozeman

    Co-Founder, Fralick Bozeman Public Affairs, LLC

    (Ex-Chief Legislative Advisor to Gov Perdue , Georgia)

  • Lauren Fralick

    Co-Founder, Fralick Bozeman Public Affairs, LLC

    (Seasoned Govt Relations Executive, Georgia)

  • Kris Wadia

    Board Director

    (Ex-Senior Executive, Accenture)

  • Manish Agarwal

    Entrepreneur and Investor

    (Ex-President, Attain Federal)