Time travel to accelerate innovation

Through his words in The Time Machine, H. G. Wells takes the protagonist to the future, to experience a world he couldn’t have imagined and to learn how to use his observations in the present to sail ably into that future. The subject has been fascinating the world for quite a while, yet time travel continues to be a fictitious, intangible concept.

Until now!

Would you believe it if we say there has been a breakthrough and the future is bright! There are solutions that are technologically advanced and are adaptive to the needs of the future. In the world of technology, stepping into the future becomes possible, and is leading the way.

“Time travel through time dilation. Surely, we can.”

Ganesh RVR, Co-founder of

At the recently hosted ‘Cardinality is 5’ milestone celebration, Ganesh delineated how we are leveraging technology to innovate in the HHS space and building solutions by envisioning the future.

Technology is evolving constantly and rapidly. What may be relevant today may not be sustainable in this dynamic ecosystem. Charles Darwin's theory of evolution and survival of the fittest suits the technological landscape well. The need of the hour is to do things differently, and at a faster pace. To continue to stay fit and emerge as a leader in the future of tech, it’s important to be ready with solutions, keeping in mind not just current needs but also needs that may arise in time.

According to Forbes, these are some of the trends that will be steering the technology world for the next decade.


Cardinality’s futuristic vision is supported by the fact that our product suite strongly connects to all of these trends.

How a library loses its meaning in the absence of a reader, data would lose its significance if it is not rendered into purposeful information. At, we build solutions for data driven decision making, with AI enabled insights. Our data backed aggregators deliver highly correlated analytics, allow for personalized service delivery and faster outcomes, while supporting population-based programs. Our solutions are made available through configurable modules that help in delivering faster implementation & better citizen outcomes.

We have recently developed the data-oriented Center of Excellence for MD THINK, which enables organization-wide data analytics for the State of Maryland and brings people, process, and technology together.

In our earlier blog, we highlighted how ‘Personalization stays at the heart of product development ’ at In HHS, they say, each childbirth is unique, so are the needs of each individual, their case, and how it is handled by their caseworker. Features like ‘speech to text’ speak volumes about the sensitivity in our thought processes to individual needs & inclusivity in society. Redbird AI, pre-trained intelligent bots, improves customer experience and effective outcomes, and can be easily integrated to empower legacy systems. Our offerings are lightweight software available as service (SaaS) on a subscription basis model.

It is the thoughtfully connected, individual features of a solution which allow for progress into the future and make the biggest impact.

The 5-year milestone celebration was a great platform to connect our global team. Townhall updates from leadership formed a critical part of the agenda and helped the wider team understand our progress toward the ultimate goal of touching a billion lives.

Thiag Loganathan, CEO, concluded the celebration by emphasizing company’s vision of ‘touching a billion lives’ & strengthening Ganesh’s point, “We do well, what others cannot do.” In other words, we do what many believe is impossible, creating solutions that are built for the future and traveling time through innovative technology.