Child Abuse Prevention Month | Together we end child abuse!

Every year, Child Abuse Prevention Month is observed in April to recognize the efforts made by our communities and families in bringing up this crucial issue to the forefront. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services reiterates these values in the theme for the year “Thriving Children and Families: Prevention With Purpose.” By making commitments to purposeful action, rather than just raising awareness, we can treat the root causes of maltreatment and promote the safety and well-being of children across the globe.


These hard facts are indeed overwhelming, community campaigns like the National Child Abuse Prevention Month reiterates the importance of families and communities working together to strengthen families to prevent child abuse and neglect.

Through collaborative efforts, prevention services & support mechanisms, we can protect children and produce thriving families.

What is being done to stop child abuse?

According to Childwelfare reports, there are a variety of protective factors and approaches, with each highlighting a different set of factors. The Children’s Bureau framework has published the following 6 factors, that the community based service providers can use to identify strengths within families and how those strengths can be further developed to prevent child abuse.

How can we help end violence against children?

To achieve a common vision of safe, happy and healthy childhoods for all children, we can proactively bring an end to violence against children in a number of ways:

Educating children

It is critical to sensitize children to help them learn their own rights and what to do when something is wrong.

Educating parents

It is a general norm in certain families to regard violence as a necessary form of discipline or punishment. It is imperative to challenge harmful social norms through education and training.

Working with community groups

As the saying goes, ‘Together we achieve more’. We need to harness the power of the society for wider impact and awareness by working with local leaders and groups to learn more about child rights and how they can keep children safe.

How Cardinality helps

Cardinality’s Child Welfare platform does a number of things to make caseworkers' lives easier. Using Cardinality’s connected, modernized and secure, cloud-based technology platform, the State of Maryland implemented MD-CJAMS, the case management system for child, juvenile, and adult welfare, and rolled it out statewide in a record 27 months, enabling its Department of Human Services to efficiently provide welfare services to vulnerable citizens.

Plant the seeds of change, together we can prevent child abuse, because childhood lasts a lifetime!