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Multiple programs statewide, live in Maryland, implemented in Indiana, Arizona, and CMS agencies

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Fast to Outcomes, with Certainty

Fully functional, data driven, and accelerated implementation timelines.

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Lowest cost to Maintain and Improve

Our SaaS model allows to be continuously modern, sharing cost across all our clients

We are all about improving the Outcomes, fast

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Increase permanency for children
in foster care

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Reduce multiple foster care

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Drive higher child support
collection rate

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Increase upskilling and
employment rate

Business solution to help Government deliver effective services to the population

Our applications are fully functional and configurable. We accelerate and simplify implementation, integration, and change management aspects across multiple government agencies

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Social Services

  • Medicaid

  • Integrated Eligibility

  • SNAP

  • TANF

  • Mental Health & Addiction

  • Fraud & Security

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Family and Health

  • Child Welfare

  • Child Care & WIC

  • Juvenile Justice

  • Adult Services

  • Scheduling & Vaccine Administration

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Claims and Collections

  • Child Support Enforcement

  • Payment enforcement from Non-custodial parents

  • Locate and Establishments

  • Complex Distribution rules and Disbursements

  • Financials

  • Case Initiation, Common Service

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Workforce & Jobs

  • Civic Engagement

  • Unemployment Insurance

  • Development and Training

  • Jobs Recommendations

  • Jobs insights, and Execution Plan

  • Claims Processing and Early Fraud Detection

Our product can be used to accelerate solutions addressing the need of Government agencies

How can we partner with you to move the needle? FAST!