Ready-built solutions help Government deliver effective services to the population, fast

Smart, configurable solutions built specifically for health, workforce, and human services, based on federal mandates and specifications, to meet ~75% of agency needs out of the box. Implementation available as SaaS or On-Premise.

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Social Services & Grants

  • Medicaid

  • Integrated Eligibility

  • SNAP

  • TANF

  • Mental Health & Addiction

  • Grant Lifecycle Management

  • Fraud & Security

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Family and Health

  • Child Welfare

  • Child Care & WIC

  • Juvenile Justice

  • Adult Services

  • Scheduling & Vaccine Administration

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Claims and Collections

  • Child Support Enforcement

  • Payment enforcement from Non-custodial parents

  • Locate and Establishments

  • Complex Distribution rules and Disbursements

  • Financials

  • Case Initiation, Common Service

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Workforce & Jobs

  • Civic Engagement

  • Unemployment Insurance

  • Workforce Development and Training

  • Jobs Recommendations

  • Jobs insights, and Execution Plan

  • Claims Processing and Early Fraud Detection

IT systems powered by Cardinality PICS (Personalized Integrated Citizen Services) Platform for quick population impact and effectiveness across government agencies

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AI Case Management

  • Worker Productivity

  • AI Assistant

  • Configurable Workflows

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  • Customer Portal

  • Eligibility Portal

  • Population Management

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  • Provider Management

  • Finance Management

  • Permits & License

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RedBird AI

  • Nudges, Recommendations & alerts

  • AI Bots for Workload Optimization, Case routing, resource matching etc

Modular Modernization: Intuitive experience, while keeping the core

Our modules can be used to accelerate solutions across govt agencies

Data for comprehensive population management - nudges, recommendation, and personalized outcomes

Demography Data

Training Data

Outcome Data

Financial Data

Hotline Data

Services Data

Descriptive Analytics

Segmentation Models

Forecasting Models

Regression Models

Risk Scoring Models

Data Enrichment

Trends & Patterns

Population Segments

Intervention & Strategies

Personalized Path

Demand Forecasts

Nudges & Alerts

AI-powered CRM solution for government agencies, offered as on-premises or Cloud, is capable of capturing and tracking all Citizen Service Center activities and operations.

Multi-Channel Communication

Scripts and Desk Guides

Sentiment Analysis on Voice

Dashboards & Reporting

Realtime KPI's – Call & IVR Statistics

Integrate with Agency Systems

Cardinality PICS (Personalized Integrated Citizen Services) Platform

PICS Low Code configurator

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Page Layouts
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Workflow Designer
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Notification & Alerts Engine
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Dashboards & Reports
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API & Integration
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Role Based Access Control
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Rules Engine
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Data Integration & Pipeline