Transforming Citizen Experiences

Transforming Citizen Experiences

By Ravi Nithyanandham

Sep 8, 2022

The Times Are Changing

We are at the genesis of major transformation for health and human services programs. Government agencies responded quickly and effectively to standing up operations to support a world stricken by an unexpected public health crisis. Our operations, our workforce, and our citizens have realized that we can and should do things differently.

Because of all we have experienced, we expect more. Gone are the days of simply counting transactions and timeliness. The people being served and those who serve, are at the center of this transformation. The focus on improving the citizen experience (CX) goes far beyond process efficiency. It is the root of a culture change with ripple effects into communities. Through every human interaction, agencies have the opportunity to build trust between citizens and the government programs they rely on to help them through difficult times. To achieve this, programs must be enabled by modern technology solutions to yield rapid results and maximum impacts.

Barriers to Change

Change is never easy. In government, it is even more difficult when it is compounded by challenges that are unique to complex, highly regulated programs.

Legacy systems

Many government legacy systems are beyond the point of diminishing returns. They are costly to maintain and cannot be easily modified.


Not all programs have the same level of federal funding support. Obtaining that funding can be complicated and onerous when considering enterprise solutions that support multiple programs.


Agencies have immediate issues affecting the citizens they serve, unprecedented workforce issues, and technology limitations. On average, it takes four years to replace legacy systems.

These barriers don’t have to be showstoppers. There is a solution that can solve these problems quickly and cost-effectively., a Modern Solution for a Challenging Problem:

At, we make it simple. Our purpose-built solution modernizes the CX, while keeping the complex core of legacy systems. Our seamless integration of systems reduces risk, provides a fast return on investments, and buys time needed to replace or modernize the legacy system.


The proof is in the results. Cardinality's intuitive & modern Case Management System & Citizen Portal are either live or being implemented in the State of Maryland and State of Indiana to drive better outcomes. The system creates an environment of trust and respect by providing a feature-rich solution of self-service features to streamline eligibility determination across programs. Meeting citizens where they are means big impacts:

Intuitive and easy to use

Benefits Calculator to Evaluate Eligibility

Single application for multiple program eligibility

Personalized and secure user portal

Notifications and real-time updates

Omni channel integrations and communication - text messages, in-app notifications, email notifications

Chatbot assistant

Why ?

  • Empower and improve CX, with options and flexiblility
  • Faster eligibility determination
  • Save time and reduce costs
  • Streamline operations
  • Decrease costs to hotline and foot traffic
  • Improve data quality